"Gokudo Cats" at Floating World Comics in Portland

line art and color by me, flats by Roque Romero So, this is the piece I prepared for Sloane Leong´s yakuza exhibition at Floating World Comics in Portland, called Battle without honor and humanity, honoring Fukasaku´s movie. Actually, the whole exhibition is an homage to the yakuza-eiga genre, that I couldn´t love more. WHO: Artwork and zines by Ralph Niese, Maritsa Patrinos, Joanna Kroatka, Alexis Ziritt, Andrew Maclean, Logan Faerber, Andrew Maclean, Robert Wilson IV, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Rebecca Mock, Roxie Vizcarra, D-Pi, Ian MacEwan, Zack Soto, Morgan Jeske, Hunter Heckroth, Emma Rios, Vlad Jean, Aluisio Santos, Frank Teran, Jeremy Sorese, Ryan Andrews, Hwei Lim, Amei Zhao, Kris Mukai, David Brothers, Stanley Lieber and M. Dominic WHAT: Yakuza film inspired art exhibit WHEN: Saturday, September 15th, 6-8pm; artwork on display until Sept. 30 WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St. About the picture, at the beginning I was looking for some kind of disturbing feeling, but it ended up quite Miyazakish thanks to the coloring and the thin inking. Actually, I even changed the ojisan´s face into a smile in the middle of the process. In general, I think I´m kinda happy with that. As always, there is a story behind. I think I can´t do illustration work whithout thinking about something happening. Both are tattoo makers, in a Kenobi/Luke kind of domestic relationship, trying to survive the gokudo the best they can. Who knows if there is more to come. Hope you like it. Gokudo cats Gokudo cats ink Gokudo Cats pencil

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