Doctor Strange Season One on sale today

At last! it took us a lot of months to prepare this, that it feels difficult to believe it is out today. I remember making several jokes during the process about Stephen Strange being already part of my family. This is the second time I deal with him, the first one was “Strange the doctor is out” with Mark Waid from which you can find some samples searching around here. Honestly, Strange was always a fave but now he feels like a cousin or an uncle, and thanks to this book, so does Wong. I´ve been always in love with the classic stuff, so much it´s always thrilling but difficult to confront new stories about him, even more if they are related to his origin. We basically prepared an untold adventure trying not to touch anything that was already in his story. We did our best for being respectful and I believe the story ended up being touching and fun. The book is all about the characters and our love for them, hope you can enjoy it as much as we did. I want to say thanks to all my team, Greg Pak, Ellie Pyle, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles and Álvaro López for doing such a great job and for being so wonderful. Also Tom Brevoort, for his advices during the process, and because he was the one who put me in the first Strange book I did, which was also the first long gig I had at Marvel. My partner Greg Pak will be signing today at Midtown comics, here are the details. here is a funny video we did together that was great fun (sorry about my weird accent, it´s so embarrassing) And a preview Greg also prepared for the book. There are several pages on sale at Cadence Comic Art if you want, here. If after reading the book, any of you feel just a bit more intereseted in the magic side of the Marvel universe, I´d consider my task as a success. The only thing I´d ask you would be, please, just go and read Ditko's stuff, you can find it in Essential Doctor Strange volume 1. I promise you´ll be blown away. Doctor Strange Season One on sale todayDoctor Strange Season OneStrange SODoc Strange SO

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Derek dijo...

This looks great! I'll definitely pick it up. (also, your accent is wonderful)

Rob Barrett dijo...

Your art on this project is stunning: it recalls Ditko without being a slavish recreation. It doesn't hurt that Jordie Bellaire kills it on colors either. Well done!

emma ríos dijo...

Thanks a ton, guys.

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