SI C&D 1

Our Spider Island Cloak and Dagger will be out this week so, here is some stuff related to it:

SI C&D1 page 8
This page was pretty special to me, as it was the first one where they really interact. The reason to cut their heads in the panels was increasing the drama.
SI C&D1 ink
SI C&D1 color
We are loving this book. Nick´s vision of the characters feels perfect to me and, about what I´m doing, well, I think it´s the best work I´ve done till now.
Javi Rodríguez is doing the colouring and I´m ecstatic. We shared some mails about how to deal with the line and the atmosphere that included some movie trailers and eventually, we ended up with this result. We are calling it "Asian-Fincher color" as a joke, honoring David Fincher´s movies and some heroic bloodshed stuff from Hong Kong cinema of the 90s. In general we wanted to think more about homogenic lights and feelings in order to fit the narrative.
Hope everybody can enjoy the book as much as we do.

Here is the preview of the first issue, click.

I´ve been a fan of these characters since my teens. I´m specially in love with Mantlo´s work, with Ed Hanninghan and Rick Leonardi. We all are, and of course, the book is dedicated to him. That was my main reference and I´m trying to evocate that atmosphere the best I can.
Here is a link to a FB iniciative of his daughter who is trying to do a compilation of his work. The Bill Mantlo project.

SI C&D3 cover
As a bonus track, here is my first cover for Marvel, for SI C&D3. I´m loving Mr Negative, he is absolutely charming to ink.

Thank you Nick (Spencer), Javi (Rodríguez), Steve (Wacker) and Alejandro (Arbona) for being so passionate about this project, I´m really enjoying this ride.

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Muy guapo tu trabajo, tienes un estilo muy personal... ya me iré pasando...suerte!

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mis respetos

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