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It´s been a while, I know. Here is a resume of what I´ve been up to recently:

Today Osborn: Evil incarcerated TPB is on sale click
As I didn´t upload any pages from #5 here is a couple:
Osborn #5 osborn #5 random
I really want to thank all the team, specially my soulmate Kel, and Alejandro, for making this a wonderful ride. This book will be one of my faves forever.

Also, I´ve been collaborating with Dan Slott in two short stories for advancing ASM new event Infested: ASM662(out last week) and ASM663 out today, where my new kids, C&D are introduced.
ASM662 Next project...

And yes! Cloak and Dagger is my new flamboyant project with Nick Spencer, who is fucking perfect for writing these characters, and my buddy Javi Rodríguez doing the colors. It´s a three issue mini starting in August. You can already do the preorder.
Preview art C&D
This is quite a dream project for me, hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.

7 comentarios:

Alan Faria dijo...

Fantastic comic!!

javierrodriguez dijo...

Rompiendo la pana as usual. Ganas de empezar que tengo!

c. jorge dijo...

Gracias por tus dibujos, emocionan

raquel dijo...

Emma, me dejas alucinada....(Soy Raquel, fui compi tuya en arquitectura!!!!)Ya apuntabas maneras.... eres un crack!!!!me alegro muchisimo!!!
enhorabuena de corazón!

Sala dijo...

Brutal, Emma, das miedo.

emma ríos dijo...

Raquel tía, mil gracias por escribir. espero que todo te vaya bien, un beso guapa<3

emma ríos dijo...

Gracias a todos!

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