SI C&D3 the end (of course SPOILER ALERT!)

Working in this title was really great.
As the last issue was released last week(preview) I just wanted to drop a line to say that we all are blown away by the incredible response this book had.
Thanks for all those letters, for all the kind words and, of course! for The signing petition for the ongoing the lovely guys from the Ladies Making comics tumblr started.

The fact that after all this years there is still a lot of love for these characters makes me really happy. Nick, Javi, Steve, Alejandro and me are very proud of this book, and we would love to continue it some day.
Crossing fingers.

Thanks so much for making us feel we did Ty and Tandy some justice.


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Mikel Janín dijo...

Espectacular, Emma. Me encanta esa energía que le das a los pinceles en tus últimos trabajos. Es visceral y potente, manteniendo la fluidez narrativa y la belleza del trazo que ya tenías desde que sigo tu trabajo.
Enhorabuena una vez más.

emma ríos dijo...

Gracias por pasarte Mikel, me alegro de que te gusten.

MMS dijo...

I wanna see more of this! :(

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