Osborn #2 in stores

(w) Kelly Sue DeConnick
(a) me
(c) José Villarrubia
Some preview pages:
Osborn #2 preview (1)Osborn #2 preview (2)Osborn #2 preview (3)
And here one of the craziest sequences I´ve done till today
I admit that I always have a lot of fun when working with this kind of layouts. I´m afraid of abusing of them though, because I´m more interested in their emotional aspect during the reading than in the formal one.
In this case, as the guard was being psychologically manipulated,  I thougth it could work fine.
Osborn #2 randomOsborn #2 random

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Manuel Velasquez dijo...

Excelente Narrativa, y el color realza muy bien el dibujo!!


Anónimo dijo...

la ultima cara de la tia en b/n
me encanta

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